Porteman x Simon Debackere

Simon Debackere, acclaimed interior designer known for his unique ability to create spaces that mirror the essence of their inhabitants, collaborated on an exceptional project. Our video sheds light on Simon’s visionary approach to designing the interior of Porteman Opticians in Ieper.
The primary objective of the video was to provide a comprehensive insight into Simon’s ability to reflect the personalities of the brand and business in the space. His philosophy is rooted in the idea that interior spaces should resonate with the individuals who use them. For the Porteman Opticians project, both him and the client, studied the typical characteristics the store and integrated them seamlessly into the design. We introduce Simon’s philosophy, followed by the specific challenges and opportunities presented by Porteman Opticians. Through a combination of interviews and visually pleasing shots, the viewer is taken on a journey through the initial conceptualization, mood board creation, and the selection of materials, colors, and furnishings. Simon’s meticulous attention to detail is highlighted as he explained how each element in the design was chosen to represent the essence of the opticians’ clientele. From the carefully curated lighting fixtures to the choice of accessible workspaces and sales tables, every aspect of the interior was a deliberate reflection of the people who would interact with the space daily. The project demonstrated that Simon’s commitment to understanding his clients on a personal level results in interiors that go beyond aesthetics, creating spaces that feel intimately connected to their users.


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