2TEC2 was founded in 2005 as a small innovative company, blending the design-drive behind Limited Edition with the know-how of Le Tissage. Today they are a global supplier of high-end woven flooring, shaping flooring solutions with great precision and dedication.
They reached out to us with the idea of creating a factory film that highlights their innovative approach, craftsmanship and newly developed product in a way that would set them apart from the rest of the industry. Small detail: this had to be done in a production facility with limited to no control of lighting and no place to move around. Safe to say that this was a proper challenge.

To achieve this, we sat down with their marketing team to take a deep dive into their brand, the process and the product. Through some intense sessions, we were able to uncover their origin narrative and the core of both their brand identity and their product, the (metaphorical) yarn. We crafted a narrative where glimpses of production intertwine with distinctive studio footage.

On-site, we parted with the conventional factory film approach. Instead of broad panoramic views, we opted for intricate close-ups; we replaced generic audio with a compelling voice that tells their story and real sounds from the machines, blended with in-house produced music. Our lighting setup, employing chiaroscuro techniques, infused character into the imagery, overpowering the sterile light of the production environment and transforming it into a rich backdrop. In the studio, we built an abstract setting where their product meets with natural elements in still-life compositions, emphasizing tactility and sustainable essence. The hard lighting in combination with this setup accentuates the structure in their floors and also contributes to the overall abstract ambiance.

Throughout the video, the yarn is the main character, from the moment it is born from the bobbin, to the end of its life where an old floor is processed to become new yarn for a new floor.


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