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Flexible new content approach for Manutti



Video production

Sound production


Luxury outdoor furniture

Deerlijk (BE)

Manutti redefines luxury outdoor furniture. With skilled designers that find inspiration in the allure, beauty and vibrancy of everyday environments, to create furniture as distinctive as their customers. All of their iconic tables, chairs, footrests, loungers and sofas incorporate the colors of the natural world and entice people to gather with their friends and families in luxury at any time of the day.


They met us with the challenge of rethinking their approach towards creating snackable content, without compromising the luxurious look and feel of their campaign images. Today’s digital landscape requires flexibility to keep up, but this can’t be at the cost of less engaging content. Consistency in quality is just as important as in frequency.


Using our studio, we replicated the distinctive style of their previous shoots. This allowed us to develop a flexible, responsive approach for quick content creation. By working in a controlled environment, we ensured consistent quality while enhancing our adaptability, enabling efficient and high-quality production tailored to their needs.

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